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We all love a beautifully edited wedding video. We thought we would write this article in order to assist our couples in knowing how to best achieve this or should we say make it more of an achievable goal for your wedding videographer.


There are so many beautiful wedding videos online and the same can be said of photos. This is the goal we are all aspiring to achieve but in order to achieve this goal, there are a few factors to take into consideration before embarking on this journey. These factors include the following; Simplicity, Minimalistic, Organization and Communication, Understanding (realistic),Delegate and Inclusiveness.




From the moment you become engaged you simply cannot wait to start planning your wedding day. The amount of brilliant ideas you will have and the endless inspirational concepts you will come across, while all wonderful cannot all simply be done. This could be due to your wedding budget, logistics, or you cannot agree on some of them. But what everyone forgets is how many of these ideas can realistically be done in one day and also executed well for the wedding venue involved, the wedding planner, the wedding caterer and those capturing your wedding day i.e. wedding photographer, wedding videographer. Simplicity is key, keeping your ideas well thought out, simple and not too many of them. This means all those involved can put their best efforts on the tasks at hand rather than being spread thin. We have done wedding photography and wedding videography for all types of weddings and the tips we are giving you apply to every one of them.




This point mostly refers to décor, venue size vs guest list. Now why would we say this? you will see so many centerpieces, flower arrangements, special china, candle stands and candles….the list is endless. You need to take into consideration the size of your venue and how many wedding guests is idea to have at that wedding. Over crowding causes a lot of problems for a wedding videographer trying to get the best video. While venues try to give you the safest numbers you can comfortably sit. You need to keep in mind they will not be considering the wedding photographer or the wedding videographer. So you should try if you can when selecting a venue, do a mock up of where each table will go and then see how comfortably would a tripod and camera pass through the spaces in between. Ideally a space of 1.5m2 to 2m2 in between tables would do, but the more space the better. With your centerpieces and flower arrangements you want to make sure they allow space for your guests to see each other, which means the videographer can see all of them too! This also applies to flower arrangements and candle stands. The best type of Décor is elegant but minimalist.


Organisation and Communication


As we all know a well executed plan requires careful organisation and communication with those involved. The very same applies to your wedding planning and execution. It is great to start planning early, it helps you decide what is most important to you and how best to show and enjoy those moments. by being organised you help alleviate the pressure on planning your big day. Communicating with those involved is key in getting the best result for your day and the more information you can give to your videographer about how the day will unfold the better. It will mean they will be better prepared to capture your moments well. After all this is not a movie you can yell cut and retake, it is all very in the moment.


Delegate and Inclusiveness


This point tends to relate more to the artsy creative types or the wedding on a budget type bride. It is very lovely when you are creative enough to do your own flower arrangements, place cards, candle stands, table settings, cake making and so on. This will however be the biggest mistake to think you can do it all by yourself. We would certainly advise against this, learn to relinquish responsibility to others to help and if possible get a wedding planner to help. The more responsibility you give yourself the more likely mistakes are to happen or time management becomes an issue and it is literally a snowball effect that will affect everyone eventually including yourself. You might end up very late for your own wedding as a result of you doing all the behind the scenes stuff which can affect the smooth running of your day. If you end up in not the best of moods as a result, it will show in your wedding photos and wedding video.



Understanding (realistic)


So not everything will go well at a wedding for various reasons, but what we would say is keep calm and be understanding of why what has happened has happened. Be realistic to the possibility of things not going well and why that has happened, this will help you be better prepared when you watch your wedding video and look at your wedding  photos should something not have gone to plan.


With that said we hope that this entry has been of great use to some of you. Take time to have a look through our video gallery for some of the best wedding videography in Derby.