Derby wedding photographer

It’s finally the day, after months and months of planning! And then the day was gone in the blink of an eye. You have a hazy memory of teary vows, your spouse’s face, and a slew of other people congratulating you. Your wedding photos are the one item that helps you keep those memories close.

We cannot emphasize how crucial wedding photography is! The flowers wither, your invitations are discarded, and the cake is devoured. But the images capture memories and all the special moments that you could have missed in the midst of the commotion. The photographs will tell you a tale your story about the first day you and your spouse were married. You’ll find yourself dragging your wedding images out in the future to exhibit to new acquaintances, your children, or to reminisce with yourself.

Derby wedding photographer
Breathtaking sun-kissed confetti photo session


Now that you understand how precious your wedding photos will become, how do you go about making sure that they are of high quality and truly reflect the emotions of the day? We have some tips on how you can look your best with a little preparation and posing tricks straight from the red carpet!

Professional hair and makeup

You know that feeling when you’ve just stepped out of the salon with freshly done hair and you feel like a different person? Get your hair and makeup done professionally if it’s within your budget to do so, because it can make a world of difference in the way you feel. Plus, it will show in your wedding photos! When selecting your makeup artist in Derby, look through the work they have done on other brides to see if that is the look you’re after. Some artists prefer natural wedding makeup, while others like smokey eyes and full-coverage perfection. Communication is key in setting your expectations with your chosen Derby makeup artist so you’re both on the same page.

Pay a little extra for that trial session too, so you can give feedback and have peace of mind knowing what to expect on the wedding day.

Choose the right photographer, derby

If there’s one thing you should splurge on, it’s a wedding photography package. Wedding Photographers in Derby, Derbyshire, and the rest of the world have individual styles, ideas, and signature shots, so do your research! Unfortunately, higher rates usually come with experience, skills, and professionalism. But when it comes to wedding photography, more experience doesn’t necessarily mean the best. You want a photographer that you can vibe with and feel comfortable around. Exchange emails with a few wedding photographers or even meet face-to-face to see if you like their personalities and if you’re both on the same page about your vision.

Conduct your research

Do your homework! Check out the photographers’ websites, Instagram accounts, and even Facebook pages. Examine the albums, read the reviews, and see if anyone knows of a good photographer they can recommend. After all, the best kind of review is word-of-mouth! Picking a photographer based on a few photos you like is not a good idea. You want consistent, high-quality images.

Any half-decent photographer among all the photographers can take photographs, but a good one can select the best ones and edit them consistently. Choose a photographer who best fits your style and the style of your wedding; do not select a photographer based on the search “Derby wedding photographer near me, or Derbyshire photographers”.


Create a checklist based on your personality and vision. Do you want to see more photos of your family and friends? Or perhaps more photos from the wedding ceremony and wedding venue? Make a list of them so you don’t forget when you meet with your selected photographer. You can always use the checklist to help you make better decisions.

Make use of props.

Unless you work as a photographer, most of us are camera-shy and can feel awkward in front of a camera, especially when a stranger is snapping away at you. Use props to help you stay anchored. I don’t mean a fake moustache or a massive diamond ring! Relax your posture by using your wedding bouquet, a champagne glass, or even furniture.

Play some music

Music has a powerful emotional impact, so whether you’re a jazz fan or a pop prince, crank up the volume and rock out to it. Play some music in the background while you and your bridesmaids get ready on the morning of the wedding. Have a small dance party with some bubbly. Trust me, you won’t even notice your photographer is there, and this allows him or her to capture genuine moments.

Pose like a star.

Natural, “caught in the moment” photos are the best, but if you must pose for family portraits or other purposes, try the red carpet pose! Simply place your hand on your hip, lean 45 degrees to the side, and turn your head towards the camera. There’s a reason why you see so many celebrities repeating this pose. Because it is effective! Find your best side and keep an eye on that chin! Elongate your neck by moving your face forward and letting your chin drop naturally to avoid having a double chin. Practice in front of the mirror so you’ll be aware of your best angles and feel more confident on your wedding day.

To accentuate your waist and appear skinnier on camera, stand up straight and keep your arms away from your body. Take a page from supermodel Tyra Banks’ book and try smizing.’ It’s essentially a smile with your eyes that makes you appear happy and approachable.

Have fun!

Lastly, don’t forget to have fun! You have spent a long time planning for this day, so enjoy it. If there is something many newlyweds regret, it’s not stepping back, taking in the moment, and being grateful for everyone who could be there. Arrange with your wedding photographer to set aside some time for couple photos where you and your partner can get away from the chaos and just enjoy some time alone as newlyweds.

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